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Recent Meetings

Our recent meetings centre provides a rich source of research, experiences and ideas which continue to be relevant. Follow the links below to explore some of our most recent meetings. 

13 September 2017
Risk - What does it mean for the progressive HR function?


Over the past few years, the scope and scale of risks to which organisations are exposed have proliferated e.g. cybersecurity, data threats, terrorism, reputation – and these risks can be both outside and inside the organisation. This meeting will explore contemporary and emerging issues of risk, with real-world case studies of what this can mean for HR. It will be complemented by a short research report.

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12 July 2017
House of Commons Luncheon


Our House of Commons luncheon meeting will be another opportunity to gain a better understanding of the way in which policy is framed, legislation enacted and organisations and individuals are held to account.

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22 June 2017
Incentives - What is their role in improving performance?


Executive pay, its perceived excesses, governance and future development have been the subject of much reporting and debate over the last years – to which PARC has obviously contributed. But it sometimes seems as though this is the only aspect of reward getting any airtime.

Where does the debate about the rights and wrongs of incentive structures stand now, and do we really understand what works and why – or why not? And where are we heading?

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7 June 2017
Summer Lecture and Reception - Understanding Potential: Are we looking in the wrong place?


Anyone who thought they understood the Nature versus Nurture debate should attend this event when Oliver James will challenge orthodoxy in asserting the vital role of parental influence and early experiences. Whilst based on early experience, the relevance and implications for the techniques of the HR professional is profound.

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11–12 May 2017
Reward Skills Masterclass


Run over two consecutive days, the Masterclass will focus in particular on those skills that are most frequently reported by RemCo Chairs as essential to effective performance as Head of Reward in major listed companies. 

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26 April 2017
The Reform of Executive Reward


Our meeting will seek to address the following issues and questions around the Reform of Executive Reward.

• Do we yet understand the exact nature of the problem that we are trying to solve?

• How do companies and investors plan to address these issues – as companies renew their
remuneration policies in 2017? What genuinely practical solutions are being put forward?

• Or is this just a populist distraction from Brexit?

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22 March 2017
The 'Gig Economy' - How is it transforming the world of work?


Corporate blue-chips are turning more and more to ‘on demand’ or contract professionals rather than traditional employees – as the “Gig Economy” (the universe of online platforms where people buy and sell services and jobs) begins to impact on long established white collar certainties.

This is a major change in the way work is performed – a shift from having a job to performing tasks / projects – and working for a portfolio of clients.

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25 January 2017
Economic Outlook - 2017, a fresh start or more of the same?


2017 is the year in which it is proposed Article 50 will be triggered starting the United Kingdom’s two year withdrawal process from the European Community. It also sees the 45th President of the United States taking office and General Elections being held in France and Germany later in the year. China and Russia continue to be beset by problems and remain unpredictable world players.  By the end of this summer therefore the geopolitical landscape and all that flows from this could look very different.

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30 November 2016
2017 Programme Launch and Keynote Address


At the end of what is likely to have been a volatile year filled with political, economic and business difficulties, the election of a new President in the U.S. and on the eve of (or conceivably just after) the UK European Referendum, we have once again invited a high profile, informed observer to cast an eye over events and look forward to 2017.

This year we are delighted to welcome Lucy Kellaway, business commentator, satirist and management columnist of the Financial Times.

Timings: 18.30 - 22.00

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12–14 October 2016
International Conference, Prague – An Uncertain World: Planning for 2025 and beyond


The 8th CRF International Conference will focus on what the future might hold for business in 2025. Through the contributions of keynote speakers and facilitated debate, the conference will have a series of discussions on the developments most likely to shape the landscape in which we develop our business strategies, and suggest how organisations can prepare for the future.

Attendance for non-members costs £1,500 + VAT (excluding flights and accommodation).

Day One: 09.00 - 17.00 (followed by dinner)
Day Two: 09.00 - 15.30

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