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Post-Meeting Review Notes: Strategy & Remuneration Policy
by Stuart Hetherington

Post Meeting Reviews
3 May 2016

Post-Meeting Review Notes: Strategy & Remuneration Policy

This meeting sought to explore how organisations develop their strategies - in practice, as opposed to theoretical models articulated in research and by consultancies.  And when they have one, how does that get enabled and executed – what works, and what gets in the way?

Legislation requires companies to produce a high quality strategic report, and a remuneration policy aligning executive remuneration to the long term success of the organisation – but is the linkage always clear?

Is there sufficient trickle down from the strategy to both remuneration policy and reward strategy, and is everyone clear about the differences between them?  To what extent does reward drive what is really needed from the organisation?  And if we know the answer to that, should there be a feed upwards into the strategy process itself?

The meeting had three main inputs and discussion themes.

  1. The strategy process     
  2. Making the difference via reward
  3. Rainmakers, Spice Girls and behaviours

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