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Health, Wellbeing and Benefits – Who is doing what, why and how much does it cost?
25 April 2018


Wellbeing and healthcare are high on the agendas of government, policy makers and academics, together with many consultancies and, of course, healthcare providers. Regular, and often conflicting, new guidance – frequently un-evidenced – appears in the press about how individuals can take steps to help prevent, or recover from, both physical and mental health problems. Companies are urged to help their employees by a variety of means – not just as altruism, but as a means to develop a healthier, more productive and, hopefully, more engaged workforce.

But what are the facts about what is happening in practice and why? What are organisations doing, who are they doing it for, where do they see future developments and is there anything new in this space? Why are companies offering health and wellbeing benefits in the first place – is it that they will only offer benefits for tax effectiveness or group purchasing muscle reasons, and that the perceived value to the individual exceeds the cost to the company? Perhaps, there are wider reasons at play, such as part of building the company culture and demonstrating its values in action, or merely the self-interest of ensuring that shortfalls or delays in state and NHS provision do not negatively impact on a productive and present workforce?

Research main areas

• Who is doing what, and for whom?
• Why are they doing it?
• What are the trends?
• What’s the evidence on whether it’s making any difference?
• What difference might the future of jobs and changing demographics make?

Dr. Wolfgang Seidl (Mercer) and Paddy Watt (Bupa) will lead our meeting and be joined by senior HR practitioners in this area.


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