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Governance – Where are we, how well are we doing, what should we do next?
15 March 2018


The lighter touch “comply or explain” approach to Corporate Governance in the UK continues to be threatened by social pressures and increasingly, political interventions based on opportunism rather than understanding. Many believe that this will detract from its original purpose and effectiveness.

At this meeting we will review the major theme of Corporate Governance from a broad range of different standpoints – reflecting the diverse range of stakeholders and opinions.

• How did we get here – how has the UK’s approach to Corporate Governance developed?
• What is the impact of good governance on corporate performance?
• How does the UK differ from the approach adopted by other leading economies?
• What do key stakeholders see as the relevance and purpose of governance – now and in the future – and how effective are companies in meeting these objectives?
• Where and why is governance failing? What are the real problem areas?
• Are these problems being addressed and in whose interests?

From one perspective, the issues around executive pay, some real and some perceived, cast an unfortunate and unhelpful spotlight on corporate governance. But inevitably the changing social and political environment will set the context for how companies behave and are governed. Recently this has also involved debate around board level representation, the nature and force of shareholder voting and the role of proxy agencies.

Our speakers will examine the development of the UK’s corporate governance regime – from Cadbury to the present day, consider the FRC’s thinking behind proposed 2018 reforms and assess the impact and desireability of future governance options.

Our collective discussions will be informed by a PARC report, drawing together the political, economic and social strands of the corporate governance debate.


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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