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Collaboration in a Competitive World: Driving Innovation, Efficiency and Productivity
2–4 October 2017


Senior business people, HR leaders and specialists interested in creating environments to enable collaboration and understanding the benefits whilst being aware of the pitfalls will want to attend this conference where we will be asking how do we seek collaborative opportunities with other organisations and how does the changing nature of work impact collaboration?

We are embarking on an age of collaboration, where multiple forces are coming together enabling collaboration to thrive, both inside and between organisations. Emerging disruptive technologies, globalisation, diversity of thinking, customer demands, extended communications, psychology of the emerging workforce and economic pressures are all combining to encourage teamwork, sharing and new ways of operating. Successful organisations will be those who embrace the opportunities which collaboration offers.

Through the contribution of the speakers and facilitated discussion, the conference will suggest practical solutions to enhance the way organisations collaborateinternally and externally.

Discussion will focus on:

• How do we identify top talent? Who in our organisations is the glue that connects the rest of the business and drives collaborative thinking? What do the networks of successful people look like? How do we channel collaborative thinking?

• What lessons can be learnt from history about forming highly effective teams? What practical steps can we implement to ensure project teams deliver? Is the nature of teamwork changing with a multi-generational workforce?

• With “uberisation” disrupting industries, is collaboration the best defensive strategy? How do we successfully work with organisations that can be customers, partners, suppliers, competitors or increasingly all four?

• Can collaboration be a distraction when what business needs most is focus? How do we avoid overloading the willing employee? Who’s more valuable the crusader or the collaborator?

Attendees will also be experiencing and interacting with a live jazz band through the two days.

Accommodation Details & Non-Members

There is a non-refundable accommodation cost of £250 + VAT per night for those who wish to stay at the conference venue. We recommend a two-night stay – Monday 2nd October and Tuesday 3rd October. Please note that places at the hotel are limited.

Attendance for non-members is £1,500 + VAT (excluding flights and accommodation). Full details of the conference and registration are available at


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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