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International Conference, Prague – An Uncertain World: Planning for 2025 and beyond
12–14 October 2016


Who is it for?
Senior business people, HR leaders and specialists interested in:

  • how organisations and their people will look a decade from now
  • what to consider in setting out strategic business objectives
  • high level debate in a focussed environment
  • networking, reflection, sharing and comparison.

In today’s VUCA world the levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity facing organisations continue to grow on every dimension – local, national, international, social, political, economic and technological. How then can we begin to frame strategic intent and make sense of the factors which will influence the business environment of the next decade and beyond, most of which are unknown or barely understood? Through the contributions of our speakers and facilitated debate we will have a series of discussions on the developments most likely to shape the landscape in which we develop our business strategies, and suggest how organisations can prepare for the future.

Before focusing on what the future might hold, we will consider how best to assess the probability and impact of developments we may be aware of and how to deal with what are presently unknowns.

The discussion will focus on:

  • The overall political and economic prospects for 2025, given that forecasting is notoriously difficult in this area.
  • Politically, how do we try to assess the likely outcome of the chaos of the Middle East and North Africa; where will Russian belligerence lead? What of the future direction of the U.S. under a new President and how will the European Union look in a decade’s time? Economically, what now for China, the BRIC’s and Europe?
  • The outlook for business and the global financial system – how can today’s successful companies maintain their position; what do aspiring newcomers have to do and how stable is the global financial system?
  • Where is technology taking us in the next decade? What are the future developments to be made in the digital arena? Where next for transport, energy and health? And what don’t we yet know about which will impact the world?


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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