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The Retirement Dilemma - sleepwalking into a crisis?
15 September 2016


We are all aware of the demographic changes taking place with increasing rapidity over the coming years. The broader effects on the NHS, care of the elderly and the funding of state pensions are all issues waiting for an effective political solution. However, what about todays’ working population whose pension expectations are far less attractive than retirees during the last couple of decades?

The responsibility for planning retirement income has passed seamlessly from company to employee, with many not recognising the impact of this nor having the knowledge and skills to deal with it. What is to be done about pension’s equalisation and how might the result of the European referendum affect the situation? Furthermore, what should companies do in their own and their employees best interests; are there lessons to be learnt from international best practice or is this an issue for the government and the individual alone?

We will set the scene aiming to understand how we have reached the current position and identify the key drivers moving forward in respect of framing public policy and the decision making timeline as the gap between public and private financial provision and individual longevity continues to widen.

Colin Haines will share the current research and organisational data suggesting how companies are developing their responses and what these might mean for employees. Colin Hately will then outline the steps being taken at Associated British Foods (ABF) and the way in which they might meet the retirement income challenges in the future.

We will discuss:

  • changing attitudes to pensions and retirement
  • demographics in the UK and abroad and the various scenarios resulting from this – variable contracts, flexible engagement and the ability of some occupations to work into old age but not others
  • lifetime earnings, education/options/resources/responsibilities
  • what companies are doing – is anybody actually doing anything?


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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