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Spring Lecture and Reception with Dr. Ben Goldacre – “Randomise Me”
20 April 2016


Who is it for?
HR and business leaders in organisations where information is generated and shared at ever increasing speed and the ability of the individual to assimilate, compute and make effective decisions is not keeping pace.

Dr. Ben Goldacre will share his experiences of alternative approaches to the use of data and examples of success in a range of business sectors. The lecture will be followed by an opportunity to discuss issues raised with Ben and other attendees over drinks and canapés.

Companies are swimming in data, but much of it is hopelessly misleading on what works best to improve revenue and performance, because we cannot unpick correlation from causation. Many companies and business analysts try to gloss over this flaw, falling into the same traps as cheap quacks and shady journalists. There is a better way.

Randomised trials are used routinely in medicine to find out what works best, and what does harm. We can use randomised trials throughout society: in education; in policing; in policy; and – importantly – in organisations. Expanding on his work for the Cabinet Office and the Department for Education, and with a series of chilling examples, Ben will demonstrate how randomised trials can be done cheaply and effectively to show what works best.


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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