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Key People – Attracting, Retaining, Motivating and Rewarding
10 September 2015


McKinsey set the ball rolling with their ‘War for Talent’ article and subsequent books. Since then organisations have reacted with a range of responses including new jobs and job titles, organisation solutions such as greater flexibility, career and development initiatives, and a more international approach to resourcing. On the reward side, companies have developed segmented value propositions (“EVPs”) to lock in critical talent, whilst constantly aware of the need to stimulate high performance rather than hold “prisoners”.

However, discussions with members indicate that a number of significant pinch points have emerged:

  • Geographical – persuading people to move internationally, especially to unattractive locations.
  • Managerial – intense competition for top managers who can make a difference.
  • Technical – the range, speed of change and increasing demand for a smaller pool of specialists resulting in genuine shortages.
  • Supply - the dearth of bright emerging talent with an international mindset.
  • Inter-generational conflict – accentuated by the emergence of new skillsets and technologies (e.g. social media).

Led by Carsten von der Linden, we will examine these problems in detail together with the solutions being implemented by organisations. Carsten will share the findings from some of the BCG research in this area including killer facts such as:

  • Germany and Brazil could see a five-fold increase in labour shortages by 2030 to 10 and 40 million respectively
  • Italy, Canada and China will see predicted labour surpluses in 2020 become deficits in 2030 significantly so in the case of China – 55 to 75 million surplus to 25 million deficit
  • South Africa’s surplus will hold steady at under 10 million whilst in the US the 2020 surplus of about 20 million will reduce to about 7 million.

Following Carsten’s scene setting we will look at three member case studies considering:

  • the company sector, situation and strategy
  • the talent profile – what are the critical jobs
  • solutions with particular emphasis on attraction and retention plans.

The meeting will be practical, discursive, open and sharing.


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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