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Summer Lecture & Reception with Alastair Campbell – Post Election Thoughts
2 July 2015


Who is it for?
Members and guests of PARC and CRF attended our Summer Lecture and Reception held in London’s Haberdasher’s Hall. A relaxed evening of informality was preceded by a presentation from Alastair Campbell who shared his thoughts on the outcome of the General Election and his view of the Government’s term of office.

With the General Election behind us the political infrastructure is now in place for the next five years. What this will mean following the European elections and the Scottish Referendum of 2014 will be fascinating with several possible outcomes able to combine in a way which will determine the future of the United Kingdom and its relationship with Europe.Who will be leading the Country and what sort of mandate will they have for reform and change or will we have a hung Parliament with little room for manoeuvre and no possibility of one party exerting decisive influence on the way we live our lives?

Similarly, what are the prospects for the economy and business and how will organisations need to re-visit their strategic objectives and operational practices in the light of the political and constitutional realities? The evening helped us answer some of these questions both through the undoubtedly plainly expressed views of our speaker but also through the sharing of views amongst our members and guests.

We will have been bombarded with news coverage mixing fact with opinion, wishful optimism and pessimistic warnings so the views of a ‘political insider’ helped us to read between the lines as to what is likely to happen in the coming years and beyond. 


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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