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What is Driving Executive Compensation – an Asia Pacific Perspective
5 March 2015


In 2014 we asked the question ‘What is Driving Executive Compensation – a US Perspective’ and this year we are examining the same issue from an Asia Pacific standpoint, though looking more broadly at compensation in general.

We are all aware of the growth and impact of this region’s economies, led by China and India with other smaller but significant players in the area.

In Mark Williams and Declan Bermingham we were delighted to welcome two specialists in the region.

Mark provided context to our discussion by describing the contemporary background and the way he sees the various economies developing with any particular emphasis for multinationals and global business. He addressed:

  • the political and social drivers for the countries of the region and the consequences for their economies
  • the continuing role of Singapore and Hong Kong as international business centres and bridges to the west
  • the major threats and opportunities for the region, particularly as the population continues to grow and there is an increased demand for inclusion in economic success
  • how western companies need to react to remain welcome business partners in the region.

Turning to the specifics of pay and performance, Declan compared the environment and expectations in Asia Pacific with those in the west and consider how things may develop with the growing maturity of the developing countries and their systems.

Taking account of the general economic landscape described by Mark, he addressed:

  • how Asian growth will reshape the global economy over the coming decade
  • the structural shifts transforming the region’s largest economies
  • how these changes will affect the business landscape
  • the major risks to the outlook and the warning signs that businesses should be on the lookout for.

Our discussion was informed by the views of members with experience in the region.


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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