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Setting the Economic and Political Context – an update for the year ahead
29 January 2015


With the world remaining a chaotic place and with global economic uncertainties still widespread, the UK enters 2015 against this backdrop which domestically will define its future until the end of the decade and beyond.

We know already the early ramifications of the outcome of the 2014 European Election and the Scottish Referendum NO vote and May brings a General Election increasingly too close to call. Security, constitutional matters, the economy, Europe, immigration, public services and particularly the NHS and the nation’s wellbeing and increasing longevity are likely to dominate at a time when public trust, a regard for the political classes and an inclination to take part in elections are at an all-time low.

How might the business landscape differ with the various possible election outcomes and what are the really big economic issues which organisations will have to deal with?

Andrew Sentance provided us with his views on these and other topics which were of interest to anyone involved in determining the strategic direction and operational effectiveness of organisations and led a discussion on members’ views and concerns including:

  • Is economic recovery sustainable in the UK and globally?
  • What are the prospects for Europe and the Euro?
  • Where do the growth opportunities for business lie?
  • Danger signs business should be looking for.
  • Can strong growth in China and other emerging markets continue?
  • Where and how quickly will interest rates rise?


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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