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International Conference - Managing, Directing and Leading
30–2 October 2014


Who is it for?
The annual international conference is attended by a wide-range of business leaders, functional specialists, and observers and thinkers on getting the best out of organisations and their people. An opportunity to consider the big picture and the game changing issues of the day, attendees welcome the input from speakers, the ample time set aside for discussion and the debate and informal social networking which we facilitate.

A copy of the 2014 conference brochure can be viewed here.

2014 marks the centenary of the start of the First World War. Held in Berlin, the 6th international conference will be entitled ‘From Battlefields to Boardrooms’ and will be chaired by Dame Tessa Jowell M.P. Taking the catastrophic (for all sides) Battle of the Somme as an opening case study, we will analyse the importance of intelligence, decision making, strategy, planning, implementation and motivation in the twin contexts of the military imperatives of 1914 and the business imperatives of 2014.

Setting the scene, Stephen Bungay will consider the importance of and differences between leading, managing and directing, illustrating his presentation with a spellbinding BBC documentary film.

As ever, our international conference provides two outstanding days when we are able to consider our business issues from a different perspective and maybe incubate some novel solutions.

Following from Professor Bungay’s opening story we will continue to pick up his issues as they impact on our businesses and organisations today:

  • How do we develop relevant strategies and set about planning their implementation?
  • What are the pre-requisites for successful implementation of our core business activities and the projects and change programmes which are inherent in achieving outstanding performance?
  • What are the characteristics of successfully leading and motivating in good times and bad?

Basing their contributions on experience, case studies and contemporary thinking, our presenters will tell a compelling story covering 100 years of change.

If you are not a PARC or CRF member but are interested in attending this event please contact Lynn Little on 020 7470 7104 or at


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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