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The Technology Challenges for HR – Threats and Opportunities
8 May 2014


Meeting Time: 16.00 - 19.00

With a few honourable exceptions – and the reward community may well be amongst these, HR functions have long and widely been observed as ‘challenged’ in two areas of competence – numbers and technology. HR urgently needs to ‘up its game’ here to improve its contribution to business effectiveness, as technology advances continue to provide opportunities for those with the vision and skillsets to identify the possibilities and reap the benefits.

In this context, HR leaders have to excel in two areas; firstly they must ensure that their function is sure footed but agile in its choice and implementation of systems and technology available and in developments to enhance effectiveness in all areas associated with people and organisational excellence. Secondly, because of the functions claims to lead in areas such as OD, culture change and personal development, HR executives must be visible champions in inculcating a mindset which embraces technological change as an integral element in defining
high performing organisations. Those who fail will miss out.

This research report:

  • Crystallized the challenges for HR – dimensions and characteristics – in deploying technology to enhance organisational performance.
  • Identified what the best HR functions are doing to respond and anticipate.
  • Assesses what suppliers are doing that really helps move people management forward.
  • Made practical recommendations about how HR should organize and equip itself – and the organisations they serve – for the future.


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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