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Developing an appropriate response to the challenge of working in global markets
23 May 2013


Meeting time: 16.00 – 19.00

Over the past few years, as the global economy has become increasingly interconnected, there has been a significant shift in the level of challenge facing businesses that seek to benefit from the development of new markets and geographies. A key aspect of this challenge is attracting and developing the talent needed to respond to these new opportunities.

In a globalised economy, is international exposure the new norm and expected employment model? Are companies acting tactically or strategically in this area? What is the emerging ‘value proposition’ for up and coming talent? How do you develop an international mindset and international leaders? Are companies redesigning reward packages to reflect different employment models? Is the traditional expatriate package on the way out or have other pressures simply replaced compensation for ‘hardship’? Are new types of international assignments now emerging? To what extent is this a UK issue?

By exploring the current approaches of three member companies, Reckitt Benckiser, Rio Tinto and First Data, and with contributions from guest experts Michael Dickmann and Andy Robb, this ‘roundtable’ meeting addressed how these organisations have developed their responses.


  • The challenges of global talent management and global careers
  • Current trends and developments and their fit to business models
  • International mobility strategies, considerations and impacts
  • The underpinning expectations and reward / employment models.



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