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Current Issues in Senior Executive Pay
22 September 2009


Senior executive pay continues to be raised as a subject of frequent debate in PARC meetings.  Not suprisingly, it continues to feature strongly in the media, with little sign of the controversy abating - and, with a general election pending, it is hardly surprising that all major parties are keen to stir the pot!  It is not just financial institutions who are being confronted with the challenges, the recession has raised significant issues of performance pay for executives in general.

With the executive pay scene constantly evolving, we invited Carol Arrowsmith to return to lead another Breakfast Briefing for us, in which she will examine developments and issues and their challenges to RemCos and Reward Directors.  A copy of the Post Meeting Notes from last year's meeting has been sent with the invitation and further copies are available for Members on the Knowledge Base.

The Breakfast Briefing:

This year's session considered a number of topical questions, including:

What key issues and trends have emerged over the past year and what responses are expected to emerge in the near future?  Is the FSA making a difference?

What key areas are investors (and regulators) focussing on?  Is there any sign that boards are responding to shareholder concerns?

What particular challenges are companies currently facing?  How will organisations deal fairly with executive pay issues when many may be implementing pay restraints or even reductions for employees in general?

What real-life examples can we draw upon to identify potential solutions to the current challenges?

The post meeting notes and presentation slides are available for members to download from the Knowledge Base, together with a copy of the Remuneration Consultants' Code of Conduct to which Carol referred in her presentation.


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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