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After the Recession: What High Performances Organisations Can Do
25 May 2010


The notion of high performance work systems is an attractive and beguiling concept.  However many organisations embark on a programme of “Performance Improvement” without a thorough understanding of what is meant by performance as this is a complex issue to understand let alone improve! Improving performance requires an understanding of inter-related factors concerning both individuals and organisations.

In this Masterclass André de Waal drew on his highly innovative global research, to identify the structural and behavioural factors which drive continuous success and competitiveness. Based on this research, André has developed a powerful and proven diagnostic tool which he outlined, enabling PARC members to use it in defining, assessing and improving their own organisational performance.

This session consisted of:

  • Overview of the High Performance Organisation Framework;
  • Introduction of the High Performance Diagnostic Tool, including real examples of previous applications;
  • Roundtable discussion of the Model and Diagnostic Tool and consideration of potential further case studies amongst PARC membership.

A pre-meeting paper on the High Performance Organisation research, model and diagnostic together with the link to the on-line survey was circulated to attendees. This survey is now closed.


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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