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Organisational Performance: The Contribution of C&B in Turbulent Times
25 March 2010


Drawing on case studies from PARC member organisations, this workshop session aimed to debate the implications of recent turbulence in the performance and reward arena and the future contribution of the Compensation & Benefits function to overall organisation performance.

To help us frame this debate our case study organisations provided insightful examples of strategic change initiatives linked to C & B deliverables, including:

  • The business context & critical challenges;
  • Resultant C & B strategies, deliverables and measures of effectiveness;
  • Reflections on successes and lessons learnt.

Building on these insights we then considered the following issues:

  • What has the recent turbulence and "failures" in the remuneration area told us about the way C & B functions are operating and their contribution to business performance (good and bad)?
  • How effectively does the function link with other operators in the performance and reward arena e.g. HR, consultants, Remco's and Boards?

What does the future hold in terms of priorities for the function and the interplay with these other parties?


Please let us know what you thought about the meeting, so we can continue to improve!

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