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The Global Context: An Economic Outlook For 2011
25 January 2011


The world economy seems to be lurching from bad to worse.  After a wrenching recession in the UK and most other developed economies, businesses were preparing to deal with rising taxes and government spending cuts.  But a renewed crisis in the euro zone threatens to usher in a whole new phase to the global economic crisis: Greece and Ireland have resorted to EU bailouts, governments flirt with defaulting and the whole future of the euro project is suddenly in doubt.

Little wonder that businesses are preparing to cut their losses at home and boost their operations in the emerging markets.  At least there demand is rising, and policy is stable.  But what is it really like to operate in markets like China, India or Brazil?  What are the challenges, for the business overall and HR in particular? And how big is the potential prize?  Robin Bew, Chief Economist and Editorial Director at The Economist Intelligence Unit, shared his thoughts and took questions on these important issues at a PARC Breakfast Briefing.


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